Interview to master Luigi Veronelli

Back to fondi, this september, makes me feel young.
For sure saint onorato’s procession, nowadays having more than 50 years, was one of my first love, but, certainly, more the land itself at the bottom of ausoni mountains, in front of the worked land with greenhouses and orange trees, the lake, selva vetere and the sea.
Fondi has a long medieval history. I like to remind two things: in 1387 the powerful count onorato i caetani summonded here the conclave in wich the cardinals elected clemente vii.
In 1534, fondi was sacked by Kaireddin Barbarossa, who was seeking to kidnap the beautiful widow giulia gonzaga in order to give her as a gift to his emperor suleiman. However, she managed to escape.
The barbrossa retaliation was terrifying.
Fondi’s main sight included the cathedral of st. Peter ( 14th century), inside the marble chair where Clemente VII was crowned. The collegiata di saint maria assunta (14th century).
The torrione (12th century), the cerchia delle mura where to find roman and medieval buildings. Fondi’s lake is very rich in flora and fauna. In addition , there are a lot of craftsmen as well as lots of early produce that deserve to be set off…
Where are we going to eat?
In fondi you have “il vicolo di Mblò “ restaurant , very famous for its variety of soup; country soup with chard, black bread and tomatoes; old soup with pumpkin, chicory, corn bread and fresh fish.


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