About us


Here enzo simonelli has relaxing started his job since 1982. His wife maria loreta is always in the kitchen. Their three sons at the university. Enzo seems to be a quiet person. He has been preparing coffee since he was 8 years old on the no longer existing bar’s desk. When he was 16, he worked as waiter in germany, than mess hall co-owner into an us military base in stuttgart. (i have seen many things… wounded soldiers who came back from vietnam). Afterwards a quick stay in venezuela. Back home, he transformed a garage into a restaurant which looks like a small road (small balconies, fake windows, trompe d’oeil). What about mblo’? it was a given nickname of a meritourius fondi’s citizen. perhaps it is not a proper restaurant, enzo says. It is like staying at home. The good thing is that it is all true: the menu’ exists but the real one is enzo’s. food depends on the local market, fish and stuffed calf. There are only six things which you will never find at the restaurant: whipped cream, butter, bechamel, bass and gold fish. Enzo and maria loreta, who is the best interpreter of the local cuisine do not like to waste their best selection of regional dishes. Fondi is not very far from the sea but it is closer to a small lake. Not even the hills are that far and the land is rich in fruit and vegetables.
A priviliged spot due to its appetizers: little onions with pees, prawns, zucchini, marinade anchovy, smoked cheese and spiced sausages. Variety of simple and perfect tastes. Also the main courses: (“paccheri” with octopus and olives from itri, wrongly called from gaeta, enzo specifies, spaghetti with clam, soup with chicory, pumpkin, beans) are on the top. Small squid, isle of ponza’s little lobsters, snails, frogs, tripe with mint, wild ducks, lamb in the owen, handmade cakes and sweets, are all prepared by maria loreta.


Our addresses

  • The Restaurant Vicolo di Mblò is located in Fondi, Corso Appio Claudio 11 04022 FONDI (LT)
  • The Bed and Breakfast Mblò is located in Fondi, Largo Luigi Fortunato 9 04022 Fondi (LT)

For info please mail us at: info@mblo.it or call the following numbers.

For reservation please mail us at: prenotazioni@mblo.it or call the following numbers.

  • TEL: 0771 502385
  • FAX: 0771 502385
  • MOBILE: 328 2811722

Fondi's city

Castello di Fondi
Fondi's Castle
Lago di Fondi
Fondi's Lake
Piana di Fondi
Fondi's Level land

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